Mini Snow Candy Apples

Originally posted on le zoe musings:

Remember when I made Mini Sparkly Sugar Caramel Apples for Fall? This time around, in the spirit of the highly anticipated White X-MAS holiday, I’ve made some Mini Snow Candy Apples. Super festive, too cute to indulge, and really simple to make. Your guests will think that Martha Stewart’s in da house. 

Making this is easy. Follow the instructions on the red candy apple kit and sprinkle on coconut flakes before the candy dries. Let set until candy hardens. 

mini snow candy apples5Crimson gold crab apples are perfect for this b/c they are crispy, tart, and has just a hint of sweetness. Not to mention, their size is ideal. 

mini snow candy apples2Glue winter berries onto twigs to give them an organic feel. Make sure you clean the twigs before using them and cut the end at an angle for easy insertion. 

mini snow candy apples3Sprinkle extra coconut flakes onto your setting to mimic falling snow. Aren’t we all…

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